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(revision approved by the Information Strategy and Governance Committee on 16 March 2015)


A.         Purpose

1.          The City University of Hong Kong (CityU) recognises the importance of information technology (IT) in teaching, learning, research and administration. Various IT Service Providers within the University provide and manage an extensive range of IT Resources to support the mission of the University.  Use of these IT Resources is governed by a set of IT Policies and Regulations (which includes this document), the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HK SAR), and the laws of other country where the IT Resources are located or hosted.

B.          Scope

1.          The following policy statements must be observed by all (i) users of the IT Resources including students, staff, alumni, applicants, guests, visitors and any other persons who have been given access to the IT Resources, and (ii) by the respective IT Service Providers.

C.          Statement

1.          Each user is given an Electronic ID (EID) to access the IT Resources. Users are responsible to maintain the security of their EIDs and passwords and thus held accountable for all activities performed under their EIDs.

2.      To safeguard the University operations supported by the IT Resources, users may be asked by the respective IT Service Providers to change their passwords regularly, or in some urgent cases (e.g. under hacker’s attack) immediately, on short notice.

3.      Users are expected to use the IT Resources with courtesy, respect and integrity.

4.      Users must not interfere with the work of other users or alter the integrity of the IT Resources.

5.      Users must use the IT Resources responsibly and in adherence to the mission of the University. Users must not use them for any illegal or unauthorised purpose such as conducting commercial activities for unauthorised personal financial gain.

6.      Users are expected to use electronic communication (email, messaging, web content, social media, etc.) in an ethical and responsible manner and in compliance with general guidelines based on common sense, common decency, and civility applicable to the networked computing environment.

7.      Users must observe the Crimes Ordinance and neither attempt to gain unauthorised access to data or information, nor breach any security measures imposed on any of the IT Resources.  Any violation on using such IT Resources may be reported to the related law enforcement agencies.

8.      Users must observe the Copyright Ordinance. Software or electronic contents without proper license are not allowed to be stored or used in the IT Resources.  Any such violation may be reported to the related law enforcement agencies.

9.      Users must adhere to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in all activities involving collection, processing, use, and proper disposal of personal data.  Any violation of the Ordinance will be reported to the Data Protection Officer of the University.

10.   Individual IT Resources, due to its specific application or environment, may have additional regulations which users must also observe.

11.   Users agree that the respective IT Service Providers, entrusted by the University to maintain the health and proper use of the IT Resources, have the right to inspect, monitor, remove, block or disclose any data or information either stored or communicated via the IT services if there is compelling evidence of (i) violating either the policies and regulations of the IT Service Providers or  any applicable laws and regulations from all applicable jurisdictions, or (ii) adversely affecting the normal functioning of the IT services or normal use of the IT Resources.

12.    All users and departmental IT Service Providers have the responsibility to report to Central IT on any non-compliance of the prevailing IT Policies and Regulations. Central IT will treat all such non-compliance as IT incidents so that they will be timely reviewed, and the corresponding preventive measures, if any, be adopted.

D.         Enforcement

1.          Failure in complying with the IT Polices and Regulations may result in immediate suspension or termination of accessing some or all IT Resources provided to the violators without prior notice.  Such suspension or termination will only be lifted or revoked after remedial action has been taken to the satisfaction of the IT Service Provider, and if necessary, of the respective line management.  Any student or staff who is alleged to have violated any IT policy or regulation may be subject to further disciplinary action if any, in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedures or Staff Disciplinary Procedures, respectively.  Central IT and/or respective IT Service Providers may impose additional penalties if necessary.

E.          Terms and Definitions

1.          Central IT
Central IT consists of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), the Computing Services Centre (CSC), and the Enterprise Solutions Office (ESU).

2.      CSC Teaching Studio Areas
These areas include all teaching studios and classrooms operated by CSC, including but not limited to the various CSC teaching studios in the Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (LI).

3.      Data Custodians
Data Custodians define, implement, and enforce data management policies and procedures within their specific subject area and business domains; these include mainly the various University administrative offices.

4.      Electronic University Data
Electronic University Data refer to all data and information collected, maintained, or used in the University's information systems.

5.      Email Services
The Central IT offers the following Email Services:

Email domain name



University account

Supplementary account


University account

Supplementary account


Courtesy email service account

Retired staff

Courtesy email service account                 

[#1] Services hosted by Microsoft.

[#2] Services hosted by Google.

Obsolete email services:

Email domain name



Staff, Students, Alumni and Long-serving Staff

University account/
courtesy email service account


University account


6.      Regulations on IT Services and Facilities
The Regulations on IT Services and Facilities include:​​

(1)   CityU Electronic Mail Regulations

(2)   Campus IT Network Regulations

(3)   Electronic University Data Regulations

(4)   CSC Teaching Studio Areas Regulations

(5)   Notebook Computer Daily Loan Scheme Regulations

7.      IT Policies and Regulations
The IT Policies and Regulations include the “Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities” (i.e. this document) plus the 5 regulation documents in the Regulations on IT Services and Facilities.

8.      IT Resources
IT Resources include various IT services, manpower, information, data and facilities to support the mission of the University.

9.      IT Service Providers
IT Service Providers include various University departments and offices, including the Central IT, that provide and manage IT Resources.

F.           Related Policies and Regulations

1.          This document is only part of the Central IT’s set of IT Policies and Regulations. Please refer to the “Definition” section of this document for a complete list of documents in this set.

2.      The IT Policies and Regulations may be revised from time to time as necessary without prior notice.

G.         Contact Information

1.      For questions about this document, please contact the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at​