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​​​​​(revision approved by the Information Strategy and Governance Committee on 16 March 2015)​

A.     Purpose

1.    The acceptable and unacceptable use of Notebook Computer Daily Loan Scheme (DLS) and related penalties, if any, are governed by the "Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities" and additional regulations defined in this document.

B.      Scope

1.     All users of the DLS are subject to regulations defined in this document.

C.      Statement

1.    The DLS is provided to all full-time and part-time students of the main campus who may borrow notebook computers and use them for their studies within the campus. However, students who have already borrowed a computer under the Student Notebook Computer Long Term Loan Scheme ("LLS") are not entitled to reserve another DLS notebook computer in advance as stated in paragraph 2 below.

2.    Students should reserve notebook computers through the Computer Reservation System available on the e-Portal. The DLS maintains a point system for reservation to ensure the Service is rendered in a fair and flexible manner. The Computing Services Centre (CSC) reserves the right to adjust these point levels when necessary and without prior notice.

3.    Students who have not made any reservation may also borrow notebook computers if spare ones are available at the CSC DLS Counter.

4.    Students must take the notebook computer assigned to them by the staff at the CSC DLS Counter.

5.    Students are responsible to check the notebook computer once they obtain it from the CSC DLS Counter and must return any malfunctioned or damaged notebook computers to the DLS Counter within half an hour after the checkout.

6.    Students must not lend the notebook computers that they have borrowed to others or ask someone else to return the notebook computers on their behalf.

7.    Students must return the notebook computers on the same day of borrow.  Before returning them, students should erase all data on the notebook computers to protect the privacy of their own data.

8.    Students are solely responsible for any loss or damage of the notebook computers they have borrowed. Students will be charged the repair cost if the computer is found to be damaged upon return. In the event of loss, students will be charged the replacement cost of the computer, assessed based on the original price and depreciation of the lost computer.

D.   Enforcement

1.    Students who fail to return the notebook computers by the due time are subject to a fine of HK$100 per day including public holidays, and addition of extra point(s) thus lowering their loan priority.

2.    If students fail to return the notebook computers or settle the payments due to damage, loss or late return, the Service to them will be suspended.

3.    Failure to comply with regulations defined in this document may result in further penalties as defined in the "Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities."

E.    Terms and Definitions

1.    A common set of terms and definitions used in the IT Policies and Regulations are defined in the “Policy on Use of IT Services and              Facilities” document.

F.     Related Policies and Regulations

1.    This document is only part of the IT Policies and Regulations. The “Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities” contains a complete ​            list of other documents in the IT Policies and Regulations.

2.    The IT Policies and Regulations may be revised from time to time as necessary without prior notice.

G.   Contact Information

1.    For questions about this document, please contact the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at