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Domain Name System Policy and Guidelines


Guidelines on the Sub-Domain Name Structure within the Domain

  1. The principal domain name for the University is a second level domain "". The CSC will approve and administer sub-domain names at the level of "" and "" and it will allocate sub-domain names only to formally recognized organizations within the University but not to individuals.

  2. Names in the "" root space, i.e. "<service>" are restricted and limited to those representing a University-wide service. Departments wishing to register in the root space must prove that the submission is for a University-wide service.

  3. Domain names that denote core services provided by an organization as part of its official functions or the mission of the University must be registered under the sub-domain assigned to the organization in the standard form of "<service>.<organization>". As regards organization, it may denote any school, faculty, division, department, formal discipline group, centre or other discrete unit of the University. "<Organization>"should reflect the name of the organization and "<service>" the service to which it is assigned.

  4. Similar to the service of an organization, sub-units of an organization should normally assume the sub-domain names in the standard form of "<subunit>.<organization>". For University-wide services mentioned above or for subunit which has a clearly defined and well-established existence, non-standard form of domain names may be considered only when sufficient justification and support of the Head of the organization are provided,.

  5. Except for "<organization>" and "<subunit>", domain names should not try to reflect the University structure as changing and modifying domain names to reflect such alterations can be difficult.

  6. For University affiliates and auxiliary units (e.g., the Student Union, the University Bookstore, alumni associations etc.), the service provided by them may be registered under the University domain ( or outside of the university domain following the guidelines laid out in the next section.

  7. Student organizations related to the Student Union which would like to have domain names of their own should only be assigned with names that are subordinate to the Student Union in the standard form of "<student-org>".

  8. Student organizations not related to the Student Union should be endorsed by the pertinent Faculty, and they should obtain CSC's approval for the name and for the hosting arrangements.

  9. Prior approval from the server owner must be acquired if it is desirable to register a domain name for that server not under the control of the applicant.

  10. For open days, conferences, or other important University activities, temporary domain names may be assigned, and they must be renewed (if desired) once a year.

  11. Organizations which intend to run servers with domain names under their organization's name space must register with the CSC and allow the central DNS to act as a "secondary" server. They must inform the CSC the name of (and any subsequent change of) the server administrator.

  12. Websites or services which are totally outside the University IP address space (e.g. hosted by an external ISP) must not bear University sub-domain names without the prior approval from the CIO.