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Domain Name System Policy and Guidelines


Guidelines on the Domain Names Outside the Domain

  1. The University may allow domain names outside if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The name suggested will be made use of by many people from various organizations outside the University.

  2. The name suggested is unlikely to be mixed up with that of a unit or a department in the University.

  3. The name suggested represents a project or an organization, whether a commercial one or not, that is not expressly part of a University official function or mission.

  4. The name suggested is for a project with external funding.

  5. The name suggested should consist of primary or secondary name service provided by hosts.

  1. Names outside of the University domain may also be permitted if supported by University-related organizations. For example, the University can provide web service and DNS to other parties for a collaboration centre of which the University is an active member. Such parties include non-profit, non-commercial academic agencies, commercial entities, or programs affiliated with the University that match with the University's mission of education, research, and outreach.

  2. Any party intending to register an external domain name must acquire the prior approval from the CSC via application with clear justification. All external domain name proposals must be endorsed by the head of the organization. The CSC will, at its discretion, approve or disapprove it. When necessary, the CSC may pass the application to the CIO or the University central administration for approval.

  3. Organizations on campus requesting external domains are responsible for providing host resources for subsequent associated hostnames.

  4. For all services listed outside the domain, they must acquire their own IP address space. Before requesting the domain name or configuring services related to the domain name or IP address space, the network administrator must discuss with the CSC concerning the associated issue on domain name service and IP routing.

  5. Similarly, prior approval from the CSC must be obtained for organizations intending to register domain names in the format of "" but with an IP address not administered by the University.

  6. Since the University is a government funded education institution, unless the commercial status and affiliation have been authorized by the relevant University organization delegated with such authority, commercial or commerce-related sites will NOT be served by the University DNS servers.

  7. Websites or services hosted externally may contain official University content only in the following three cases:

  1. if the site is owned by an organization in which the University has a direct interest (e.g. Cooperative Research Centre) and the University has explicitly agreed to making such content available for use by the site;

  2. if the organization or entity is legally a unit of the University, and the use of the University content complies with all relevant University policies and controls (including domain naming and ownership, Website requirements, etc.), or

  3. if the site is copying content found on the University website(s) with the prior approval from the relevant University content custodian.