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Domain Name System Policy and Guidelines


Guidelines on Sub-Domain Name Allocation and Approval

  1. The CSC has the authority to create, approve or modify the sub-domains within the "" domain and the responsibility of managing them. The CSC may reject a name if it is considered inappropriate or if it may cause confusion about the real nature or purpose of a service it represents or conveys. Users may appeal to the CIO, whose decision shall be final, for requests that are rejected by the CSC.

  2. The allocation of sub-domain names will usually be on a first-come-first-served basis. Should there be a dispute (e.g. two units applying for the same sub-domain name) that is not likely to be readily resolved by the CSC, the disputants must try to resolve it themselves. If this cannot be achieved, the dispute will be referred to the CIO, whose decision shall be final.

  3. If the justification for a sub-domain name alters, the CSC will review the assignment of the name accordingly. For example, if a department is split and the previous department name is not officially recognized any more, the assignment of the domain name will be reconsidered. Failure to respond to CSC's inquiry arising from such reconsideration for two months may result in the termination of the assignment of the name. Prior notice will be given to the name owner, if possible.

  4. The CSC may recover unused or seemingly unused domain names, possibly for reallocating to another organization within the University community when it applies. The CSC will endearvour to identify the organization responsible for such lapsed names, before withdrawal or reallocation.