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  1. Current hostnames or sub-domains registered under will be reviewed to ensure their compliance if they do not comply with this policy, such as the conditions for exceptions mentioned below, or to offer them "grandfathered" status, if that is the most appropriate.

  2. Trademarked and copyrighted terms, offensive (or potentially offensive) names that are unpleasant or obscene, or names adopted to twist their purposes etc. will be disallowed. Names should not damage the reputation of the University. Similarly, sub-domains administrators delegated by the CSC are expected to avoid such names from being used.

  3. Within the domain, when an exception is given to a sub-domain (or the service it represents), it will be assigned both an alias and a standard name if such a standard name is feasible to exist. For the former, users may use network tools to decide on the organisation to which non-standard sub-domain name/service name is affiliated as in the alias the affiliated organisation most likely does not appear.

  4. The naming structure is meant to follow the organizational affiliation. As a set of standard abbreviations for Units, Departments, Faculties and Schools are already in use, wherever possible, the organizations as denoted by domain names will adopt these University naming and abbreviation as consistently as possible. However, in situations where some other initials, abbreviations, shorthand or full names preferred already exist, the alternative names may be permitted (through the use of aliases the consistency may still be achieved).