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Domain Name System Policy and Guidelines


CSC's Roles and Responsibilities on University's Domain Names

The CSC was commissioned by the Management Board with the responsibility of managing the Domain Names of the University.  In its capacity as administrator, the CSC will (1) register, allocate, arbitrate and maintain the domain name space, (2) check, on application, the uniqueness of domain names, and (3) when necessary, delegate the responsibility for sub-domain(s) to departments or units within the University. However, the final authority on the ultimate decision, including any dispute resolution, on domain name matters will rest with the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

The CSC will also administer the domain 'name space' in accordance with the following principles:

  1. To maintain and safeguard the image of the University by properly allocating and monitoring the uses of its domain names.

  2. To maintain a consistent naming convention on domain names so that the public can easily identify the University with its domain names and related services.

  3. To facilitate the use of domain name and to ensure a fair allocation of domain names with an aim to minimizing the disputes that may arise.

  4. In order not to disrupt the current services and operations, the domain names that have been adopted by departments or units for some time before this policy takes effect will be preserved as much as possible unless conflict arises.