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一. 🐓 + 🥚 雞與蛋​

2017年8月23日,麥當勞宣布減少採購使用抗生素的雞肉,並計劃在10 年內全面停止接受使用人類抗生素的雞,並將目標擴及牛、豬肉產品。麥當勞加入全球對抗超級細菌的行列,從2018年1月起,巴西、加拿大、日本、南韓、美國與歐洲的麥當勞供應的雞肉將不再使用經世界衛生組織定位對人類有害的 HPCIA(highest priority critically important antimicrobials)。



食安問題歷史悠久。假酒及四環素的肉品、牛奶、甲醇米酒、塑化劑、黑心油(油品摻銅葉綠素、地溝油、飼料油、工業用油)、民間豆牙菜經過化學物漂白、問題奶茶、... ,等食安問題,簡直不勝枚舉。

我不知道有些地方為什麼不在麥當勞 "供應的雞肉將不使用HPCIA" 的首波名單上,但是可以了解,如果自己不重視食安,外人又何必優先關注?


The McDonald's story

1. 🐓 + 🥚 Chicken and eggs

On 23 August 2017, McDonald's announced plans to reduce, and then within ten years completely stop, serving chicken raised using human antibiotics. The future aim is to include beef and pork products in this health drive. McDonald's now stands with the global anti-superbug forces. In fact, its restaurants in Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea and the US stopped using chicken containing HPCIA (highest priority critically important antimicrobials) from January 2018. These antimicrobials are considered harmful to humans.


An outbreak of fipronil-contaminated eggs in Europe in 2017 spread to other regions. Eggs tested at certain farms for fipronil residue were 30 times higher than the EU standard. The WHO classify fipronil as a moderately hazardous pesticide (Class II). Tests on animals suggest it increases the risks of developing cancer.

Food safety problems are hardly new. They range from counterfeit or bootleg alcohol and tetracycline contaminated meats, tainted milk, methanol contaminated rice wine, plasticisers, adulterated oils containing sodium-copper chlorophyllin to gutter oil, animal feed oil, industrial oils, bean sprouts bleached with chemicals, various kinds of "problem" milk teas, among others.

Some places were not on McDonald's list of "not serving chicken contaminated with HPCIA", which I don't know why. But I have my own thoughts on the matter. Why worry when most people at those places don't seem that bothered anyway? Don't we tend to blurt out our concerns only after we hear someone has died from causes related to food safety, and hardly ever before?

18 November, 2020


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