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下機後,我想了想,港龍專業性強,服務的確不錯,是 EMBA 課堂上的標準教材。


如果海南空服員當初進了香港城市大學,今天的她會否變得像港龍空姐專業性的可敬?還是仍然著維持大西北的純真自然?或者表現出什麼神奇似的第三類接觸(close encounter of the third kind)?商學院的教授可否研究研究?

A few thoughts about my trip to the northwest

During a recent trip to Urumqi, I expressed my concerns one day about leaving my ID in the hotel room. But the driver reassured me that thieves were long gone in the area. It seems people in the northwest still keep their simple and honest customs and never bother to lock their doors in the day or at night.

I flew Hainan Airlines to Urumqi. When saying goodbye at the end of the flight, one of the flight attendants recognised me. "I applied for graduate studies at CityU but I didn't get accepted," she said.

I thanked her for the service that Hainan Airline ground personnel and aircrew provided.

Her reply was unexpected. "There is still room for improvement in our work. The flight attendants at Cathay Dragon offer really great service," she said.

I agree Cathay Dragon is very professional and its service is undoubtedly superb. It has been used as standard for studying by EMBA classes.

But the flight attendants for Hainan Airlines strike me as natural, sincere, honest and spontaneous. Such qualities are not taught.

Would she have become more professional like her colleagues at Cathay Dragon if she had been accepted by CityU? Or would she have retained her natural personality? Or would she exhibit qualities that fall somewhere in between? Perhaps business school professors could do some studies on that.


27 May, 2019


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