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朋友看了“大年初二的驚奇” ,做出如下回應:​

  • 不要再跑了,我已經跟不上故事了 .
  • 為什麼她老公可以吃到麥當勞的冰淇淋?不是過年沒開門嗎?有錢能使店開門?
  • 我非女人、亦無腦袋和學問:貴婦求證是不是真的巧遇他老公,查勤嗎?
  • How amazing!
  • 機緣之後,她捐錢了嗎?
  • 呵,... ,祝福校長新年順心適意
  • 有些事,沒法解釋,只能靠緣份。
  • I had an incredible encountering almost on the same day, too, in New York!
  • 我轉送給好幾個朋友!真是恭喜“發財”
  • 有點玄,..., 是篇有佈局的極短篇小說了!

有大陸朋友留言:讀起來似乎有一點淡淡的憂傷 😔






如果有人好奇東尼對羅小姐一見鍾情 (love of the first sight) 的益智問答,請保持冷靜,先閉閉眼,再繼續讀下去。手邊有手機、手錶的話,可以算算花了幾秒幾分找到羅小姐當年給東尼的定情答案。





An unexpected meeting at Chinese New Year

Episode Three
Here are some responses from friends after they read "An unexpected meeting at Chinese New Year".

  • Please stop running. I cannot follow the flow of the story any more …
  • How come her hubby could have ice cream from McDonald's? Wasn't it closed during New Year? Money could make stores open?
  • I'm not a woman, nor do I have brains or learning: But was the wealthy wife checking on her hubby when she texted you to confirm his unexpected meeting with you?
  • How amazing!
  • Did she donate after the unexpected meeting?
  • Well, wishing you happy new year, president.
  • Some things are simply inexplicable. It depends on predestination.
  • I had an incredible encounter almost on the same day, too, in New York!
  • I forwarded the blog to quite a few of my friends. Good luck to you for "making a fortune".
  • Incredible, … Can be a mini-story with a decent plot!

Some mainland friends left a message: There is a slight trace of sadness reading it 😔.

A Hong Kong colleague muttered to himself after reading it: Didn't quite get it.

A senior citizen was so tense in the middle of reading it that he had to go to the bathroom.

A lady laughed out loud that she didn't understand what it meant.


What's surprising is that so far no one has enquired what kind of question Tony asked her when he first met Miss Lo.

If anyone is curious what question made Tony fall in love with Miss Lo at first sight, please stay calm and read on. If you have a phone or watch with you, you can check how many seconds or minutes it takes you to get the answer that secured Tony's love for Miss Lo.

Thirty years ago, he asked her the following question:

In a dark room, there are five hats, two white and three black. A mainland Chinese, a Hong Kong person and a Taiwanese walk into the dark room and each picks up a hat and puts it on their head. When they come out of the room, none of them can see what they are wearing themselves, but each of them wants to know what colour hat they themselves are wearing. The mainland Chinese looks at the Hong Kong person and the Taiwanese and mutters to himself: I have no idea what colour of hat I am wearing. And the Hong Kong person looks at the other two and thinks for a while. He cannot guess what colour of hat he is wearing, either. Hearing this, the Taiwanese says: I think I know what colour of hat I am wearing.

Miss Lo had the answer, of course. Do you know what colour hat each of them is wearing?

11 March, 2019

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