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February 22


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Running life's marathon in unity


I was delighted to see so many participating (and cheerleading!) students, colleagues, alumni and their families involved in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2012 on 5 February. I have made special mention of my appreciation in my recent newsletter to faculty and staff, and I will also upload my thoughts about running with the 900-strong CityU team to my blog. I hope all CityU students can get a taste of the team spirit generated by participating in this kind of event as we are all long-distance runners in life's marathon.

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Over 900 CityU students, alumni, staff and family members ran this year's Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. We were participating for the fifth year in a row, and this was the largest ever team of runners from CityU.

Running can be both challenging and fun. It builds a healthy body and mind. To get to the finishing point, we need perseverance, will power and discipline. But being in the pre-dawn light side by side with the CityU team provided a uniquely valuable experience, too: 900 people running in harmony for one common purpose and destination. The effect was to create a strong sense of bonding among the runners in a celebration of individual hard work, mutual support, and solidarity.

The experience should remind us that we are all long-distance runners in life's Marathon. We may not always be able to choose which race to run or which race to win, but we can certainly try to compete in good spirits and finish with a sense of solidarity with our fellow athletes.

We must express our appreciation to the many diligent colleagues at Student Development Services and Campus Development and Facilities Office, especially our drivers who slept on campus the night before the Marathon. These colleagues took care of all the heavy preparation and transportation work. Also involved in the groundwork were colleagues and alumni from the Human Resources Office, Alumni Relations Office, Department of Management, and Convocation. Their efforts exemplify the University's sense of team work and provide the force that binds us.

It is gratifying to witness that the CityU spirit is catching on among our students. I attended the CityU joint-hall dinner on 8 February where more than 700 students, alumni and residence masters celebrated the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Student Residence. It was a joyful occasion. Students from different nationalities and backgrounds celebrated unity and diversity through joint cultural performances and activities. They showed us how difference can be a source of energy and enrichment for campus.

I am particularly delighted to read about the recent "Thank you, Hong Kong People" campaign, launched to promote civility and unity on university campuses, and to learn that this was initiated and drafted by CityU students. The development and promotion of a progressive mindset within the diverse CityU community is the hallmark of a truly international, world-class university.

Let us make a New Year resolution to promote unity and civility on campus and embrace diversity.

February 22, 2012


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