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October 14
2020 年 10 月 14 日


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電影 The Founder(《速食遊戲》,又名《大創業家》)講述1950年代一個到處碰壁、一籌莫展的銷售員雷.克洛克(麥可.基頓飾演)在南加州遇到開漢堡餐館的兄弟麥克(約翰.卡羅爾.林奇飾演)和迪克.麥當勞(尼克.奧佛曼飾演)。克洛克對兄弟倆快速上菜的一套做法讚嘆不已,從中看到創辦加盟店的商機。克洛克即想盡辦法從兄弟倆手中奪過快餐店的經營權,並創辦了年營業額數百億美金的麥當勞帝國。





The McDonald's story

0. Prologue

I was greeted at the door by several employees at McDonald's on the top floor of the Festival Walk shopping mall when I went for breakfast this morning. When they told me that that day was their last at the current site, recollections of a story about McDonald's came to mind.

The movie The Founder tells the story of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a travelling salesman for milkshake machines in the 1950s. Frustrated at getting nowhere in his job, he was intrigued when he met the two McDonald brothers in San Bernardino, California: Maurice "Mac" (John Carroll Lynch) and Richard "Dick" McDonald (Nick Offerman). They were the McDonald's founders. Kroc was impressed by the efficient way their food was served and spotted an opportunity for a franchise. He tried all kinds schemes to take over the McDonald brothers' business and eventually established the McDonald's Empire with an annual revenue of billions of dollars.

This is a typical start-up story of a modern-day entrepreneur. Behind the success, in the same way as a well-known political figure today, usually lies a bloody tale. Notwithstanding the beginning of the story, no one can deny that McDonald's, the leader in fast-food restaurants, and other mushrooming Chinese and Western fast-food chains have greatly impact our diet.

However, just as a tall tree usually catches the wind, McDonald's usually crops up when the public talks about issues ranging from business ethics to consumer responsibility. Its products are blamed for affecting public health or, worse, attacked as junk food. The butt of ridicule and criticism of all kinds.

People's lives depend on food. Food and drink are the necessities of life. McDonald's is part of my life as well as part of the normal life of many friends and students. I am going to tell a few stories about my experience at McDonald's, not about the taste of the food, but rather the moral values of my dining experience there. Trivial as these stories might seem, they reveal some basic principles.

I'd like to make a statement before I start telling the stories: The author has no dealings with McDonald's other than as a customer. Nor do I have any conflicts with the business. Therefore, there is no conflict of interest. I do not own any McDonald's shares, have never worked at any of its related enterprise, and have not accepted any consultation offers or signed any research promotion schemes.

14 October, 2020


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