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April 03
2017 年 4 月 3 日


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Is beauty important?

A few young ladies were heard making comments while conversing among themselves that personality was more important than appearance. A few married women were heard commenting among themselves that love was far more important than a rich husband. And students with good academic results are often heard commenting how grades are not as important as the level of understanding, so they do not burn the midnight oil and try to study more than others.

You've probably heard many similar comments. It's common to make generalisations like this. Some may even sound fairly reasonable and hard to refute.

But I've observed that even young girls with unrivalled beauty like to wear beautiful clothes. And young ladies who may not be particularly beautiful and who emphasise that appearance is not important are often willing to spend a lot of money on high-priced cosmetics and take special care grooming themselves before going out. And many married women who think love is more important than wealth will still encourage their husbands to make as much money as possible if they are not already millionaires or billionaires. As for students and academic results, there is no need to fret about a poor score if it is just an occasional flop in an exam, of course. But for high academic achievers, what is the point of emphasising that they don't have to study any harder than others? Learning is a never-ending journey. All successful people, no matter what field they are in, have to study and work hard to accumulate knowledge and do research.

At the end of the day, the truth is that hard work is a key ingredient of quality, just as neatness is part of a beautiful look. A woman with an appealing personality can be truly beautiful. Of course, love is important; but so is working hard to make money. What is the body without the head? Who can say that love and money are incompatible? But I do know that no matter what career you pursue and no matter how smart you are, you will not succeed without hard work, whether you have good academic results or a high level of understanding.

A well-known example of this is the qualities a man looks for in a woman: a beautiful body, face or personality? Some reply that a beautiful body and face gets your initial interest, but it's her personality that determines your long-term interest. Many women look at men the same way, though perhaps with a different emphasis.


3 April, 2017



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