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July 31
2017 年 7 月 31 日


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Removable toilet doors on commercial planes

I have heard many unusual stories and have had some strange experiences on planes because of my frequent flying. One day, I was sitting in the front row near the toilet. About halfway through the flight, the air hostess asked me to help her remove one of the toilet doors.

It turned out that a passenger had managed to squeeze through the toilet door, but couldn't get out after using the toilet, no matter how hard he tried. I helped remove the door so that the trapped passenger could get out. Only then did I realise that toilet doors on the commercial planes were removable.

Come to think about it, there are many unusual stories about airplane toilets. In addition to their conventional use, some people have used them to sneak a cigarette or a drink or to read. Some have gone as far as taking a shower in the toilet, and then getting dressed and trying to flee after flooding the tiny space.


31 July, 2017



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