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September 15
2014 年 9 月15 日

德不孤 必有鄰

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2014 年 9 月 13 日我到林子雲醫生的診所作腸胃鏡例行檢查,一切順利。

我從半睡半醒的麻醉狀態下到休息室躺了 20 分鐘,敬業又技術高超的林醫師笑面迎人地走到我前面。他在簡短的分析檢查結果之後,交給我一張 20 萬港幣的支票及一封信箋。他說:「這是我支持城大動物醫學院的一點心意。」「城大辦動物醫學院是個有遠見的計劃。」


林醫師接著說:「我兒子在美國哥倫比亞大學讀書,我有經濟上的壓力,目前只能 "捐" 這些。」我回道:「即使 "一塊錢" 或者 "鼓勵支持的幾句話" ,城大都會獻上十二萬分的謝意。」




The virtuous lacks no company

How often does a doctor give a patient a cheque after a surgical procedure?

On 13 September 2014, I went to Dr Lam Chi-wan's clinic for a colonoscopy. The procedure went smoothly. Afterwards, I lay down for a 20-minute rest in my semi-conscious state. The dedicated and highly skilled Dr Lam later came up to me, smiling. He briefly went over the results of the test, and then handed me a cheque for HKD200,000, and a letter.

"This is a token of my support for CityU's School of Veterinary Medicine. The School is a visionary plan," he said.

Amazed and confused, I took the cheque. I was so touched I did not know what to do. I asked him how he had learned about the School.

"Everybody in Hong Kong knows about it," he said. "There are many of us who support it, too." What he said confirmed the assessment of an independent consultant: people in Hong Kong are supportive of CityU's School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr Lam continued: "My son is studying at Columbia University in the US. I am under some financial pressure. This is all I can give now."

I replied: "CityU is immensely grateful for any gift, be it a single dollar or just a few words of encouragement."

Dr Lam is not a CityU alumnus or associated with the University in any special way. We have met a few times as doctor and patient. Under normal circumstances, the patient pays the doctor, and I have never heard of any doctor giving a cheque to his patient.

Dr Lam not only made me aware of the blessings surrounding us, but allowed me to appreciate the positive energy that exists in Hong Kong. When all is said and done, Hong Kong is a society of wisdom and justice.

I would like to thank Dr Lam and the other silent individuals who unconditionally support CityU. They refuse to be short-sighted and instead identify themselves with the far-reaching teaching and research that takes place at CityU.

As Mr Chan, a security guard at CityU, said before his retirement, "The establishment of a major in veterinary medicine at CityU is an important landmark in Hong Kong. CityU has to throw its weight behind it even if it arouses suspicion and envy from others. We should persist."

Dr Lam's generosity was an unforgettable experience, making it plain to see that Hong Kong is a society of hope, vision and wisdom.

15 September, 2014




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