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August 04
2014 年8月4日

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最近雲端科技甚囂塵上。許多電腦資料、通訊數據、手機傳播……藉著雲端的大數據來取樣處理,所以大數據(big data)是個熱門的論題。與大數據相對應的就是小數據,數據太多或太少都令人煩惱:太多則不易整理出頭緒;反之,如果只有極少量的數據甚至沒有數據,則雖然該下個結論卻又不易下結論。如此這般,無論數據太多或是太少,都難以做出可靠的推論。


Small is beautiful。只要安全可靠,小也可以是美。


The many meanings of xiao (small)

I recently learned during a rare and enjoyable xiao ju (private gathering) with some old friends that such get-togethers are considered xiao xingfu (a little happiness).

On the drive back to my hotel, my friend and I had xiao quexing (a small piece of luck) when we almost collided with another vehicle.

On the streets, we saw cyclists riding innovative, dainty xiao zhe (small folding-bicycles) as well as young female pedestrians wearing short skirts that my fellow passengers in the car referred to as xiao ke'ai. The term usually means "darling little baby", but in this case they were referring to the short skirts the women were wearing.

Small and big are ambiguous terms these days. As devices and chips get smaller, huge amounts of computer, communication and dissemination data can be sampled and processed in the thriving world of cloud technology.

Data can be perplexing when it is either too big or too small. Too big, and it is not easy to figure out the right way to handle it; when too small, or non-existent, a conclusion might be hard to come by. In fact, it is difficult to come to a decision reliably as to whether or not data is too big or too small.

No matter how lovely (ke'ai) Taiwan is, it should not allow itself to become casually labeled as xiao san (a third person). Of course, for Taiwan, just being xiao ke'ai is not enough, with xiao ke'ai meaning "lovely to a certain extent" in this context, rather than referencing the skirts women wear.

Small is beautiful, as long as it is safe and reliable.

This article was originally published in Chinese in the United Daily News (19 July, 2014).

4 August, 2014



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