One-stop Service for All Your Classroom Computer and AV Needs

During the last few years, almost all Audio Visual (AV) developers have made use of IP technology on their AV devices. When network is employed on AV devices, it can be used for transmission of AV media and systems’ communication, control and administration. To a certain extent, all new AV technologies are now inseparable from Information Technology (IT), and combining AV with IT is inevitable and a must for future AV development.

Merging AV with IT not only relies on a high bandwidth and a sophisticated network, it also requires a unified and collaborative workforce consisting of experienced AV and IT staff. In order to achieve this, the AV team from the Facilities Management Office (FMO) was transferred to the Computing Services Centre (CSC) on 1st July 2018. The joint workforce is expected to boost the technological advancement and improve end-user experience.

Organisational Changes within the CSC

When the entire AV team was transferred to the CSC, it combined with the classroom support team and the event support team of the CSC’s Field Services Section. The original AV team consisted of AV technical officers, AV assistants and classroom attendants. After moving to the CSC, the AV technical officers joined the event support team, while the remaining AV assistants and classroom attendants joined the classroom support team of the CSC.

Changes from End-Users’ Perspectives​

  1. Raising work request for AV event support
    As a one-stop service, the call for support is simplified. The process has been streamlined as only a single request is required when calling for both IT and AV event support while in the past, users are required to call the CSC and FMO separately and coordinate with both of them. Consequently, when raising requests for AV/IT support, users only need to submit a CSC online work request and state clearly what IT and/or AV support are required.
  2. Classroom support hotline
    For reporting issues on using the classrooms, no matter it is related to AV or IT, a hotline for immediate support on all classroom usage problems is now served by the combined hotline on 34428341. The servicing hours of the hotline can be found from the CSC web page.
  3. General IT and AV enquiries
    Apart from the classroom support hotline, for general enquiries, users may also call the CSC Help Desk on 34427658 for assistance and advice.
  4. Short loan of wireless microphones for lecture theatres
    In case a microphone is required for use in the lecture theatre, instead of borrowing it from the AV counter as before, it is now available for loan at the CSC Service Counter on 4/F of the LI building.

Initial Benefits Observed

Some procedures have been simplified as a result of the re-organisation. For instance, users are no longer required to coordinate separately with two departments (CSC and FMO) for AV and IT related event support.

As many IT related technological developments on AV are becoming the CSC’s responsibility, better communication and more efficient channels can be established between the AV and IT staff. This enables many AV improvement projects to be executed in a more effective way.