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Chairman: Dr Andy CHUN (CIO)

Members: Mr Joseph CHAN (SDS)
Prof Matthew LEE (CPRO)
Dr John Wai Keung LEUNG (MKT)
Mr Raymond K C POON (CSC)
Mr Patrick T H KWONG (UP), also serves as Secretary

Terms of reference:

(a) To establish guidelines and provide policies and procedures for the use of the University Logo and other key identity elements in specific material such as printed matters, stationery, signage, uniforms, Web sites and others.
(b) To advise on special applications of the University identity in special initiatives, campaigns as well as on use of the University identity in some particular situations, for example on the wall of a building whose shape and size necessitate a deviation from the standard form.
(c) To determine the actions for dealing with violations of the use of the University identity.