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添欣學應用社會學,行走不方便。她外向,樂觀,助人,功課好,志工是她日常生活的一部分,中學在香港電台當過 DJ,今年暑假在立法會實習,有志進修社工碩士學位。她用老式的輪椅當行走工具,搭地鐵、電梯、過馬路,無論天候狀況,沒有怨言,上課聚會從不遲到早退。問她未來做什麼?添欣無意辦公室的工作,薪水多少不是心中的目標,只想踏上社會,服務需要被服務的眾生!




Home visits

I have been visiting students' homes every year over my last nine years at CityU. The families I have visited are usually not affluent. This evening I visited two families that left me with a deep impression.

Tim-yan, who has some physical disabilities, studies applied sociology. She is an outgoing person, optimistic, willing to help others and performing well academically. Volunteering is part of her daily life, having worked as a DJ at RTHK while still in secondary school and an intern at LegCo last summer. She aspires to apply for Master of Social Work upon graduation. She uses an old-style wheelchair for getting around the MTR, getting in and out of lifts and crossing the streets without any complaints in all kinds of weather. She is never late and never leaves class or gatherings earlier than others. Tim-yan says she doesn't want an office job for a career and that salary is not a priority for her. Instead, she just wants to serve society and help people in need.

Kay, who studies physics, experienced attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a child, but since then he has achieved excellent academic scores and aspires for further academic studies. He excels in physics and mathematics, unfazed by any challenge no matter how difficult. His major interest is reading science journals, and he picked one from a stack of publications and put it in my hand as we spoke. He said he was grateful to all his physics professors for what they had taught him. He is in fact a rare young person for Hong Kong, an oddball, so to speak, who is interested in the more abstract theories of science.

Both Tim-yan and Kay have performed well in their studies, and neither comes from an affluent family. They were both all smiles when they talked to me individually, never bringing up any request for financial support. They thanked the University and society as a whole. When pressed with the question, "How can CityU provide support for them?" they both smiled and asked "Do we have the opportunity to go on an exchange tour?"

CityU would not have any problem providing them with an exchange opportunity given their academic scores and their motivation.

Both Tim-yan and Kay are entirely different from certain big shots that fight over trifles. It was a pleasure visiting their families. I have no doubt that Tim-yan will become a well-respected social worker one day; and Kay will shine in the physics sector. My blessings to her and him.


9 October, 2017


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