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September 12
2017 年 9 月 12 日


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2014 年 9 月 13 日,我到林子雲醫生的診所做腸胃鏡例行檢查。我在半睡半醒的麻醉狀態下去休息室躺了20 分鐘後,敬業而又技術高超的林醫師笑面迎人地走到我面前。他簡短分析了檢查結果後,交給我一張 20 萬港元的支票及一封信箋,一邊說:「這是我支持城大動物醫學院的一點心意。」



為了感謝他對城大的慷慨支持,今年8月18日我約他午餐。他偕同一位好友出席。席間我邀請他們參觀城大, 他們欣然接受。午餐後告別後,林醫生邀同事 Kathy 下午茶,安排參觀城大事宜,9月9日下午茶後,他即時捐出第三個20萬元;他的朋友劉先生也當場認捐20萬。




The kindness of Dr Lam

On 13 September 2014, I went for a routine endoscopy at Dr Edwin Lam Chi-wan's clinic. I was half asleep when I entered the lounge area following the treatment. After resting for 20 minutes, Dr Lam, well known among his patients for his professionalism and excellent skills, came into the room wearing a broad smile. He briefly outlined the test results and then handed me a HK$200,000 cheque and an envelope, saying, "This is my little gift to CityU's School of Veterinary Medicine".

I asked how come he knew CityU was going to establish a vet school. Dr Lam grinned: "People in Hong Kong know about this and many people support the initiative."

Then he said, "I still have some economic obligations as my son is studying at Columbia University in the US; therefore I could only 'donate' this much for the time being."

Dr Lam is not a CityU alumnus; nor does he have any special connection with CityU. The relationship between him and me is just that of a doctor and a patient. We only see a patient paying the doctor for the professional service provided and rarely, if ever, hear of a doctor giving the patient a cheque!

Last year, CityU's School of Veterinary Medicine (changed in 2017 to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences) was formerly established. I then went for another routine check at Dr Lam's clinic. To my surprise, I received another cheque for HK$200,000!

To express my gratitude, I invited him for lunch on 18 August. He brought along a good friend. At the lunch gathering, I extended my invitation to Dr Lam and his friend to visit our campus someday, and they accepted the invitation with delight. After the lunch, Dr Lam invited my colleague, Kathy, to have tea on 9 September to talk about the visit to CityU. At the end of the tea gathering, he donated his third HK$200,000 and his friend, Mr Lau, was also committed to a HK$200,000 donation.

Dr Lam expressed that he would continue to donate HK$200,000 every year until he retires.

Dr Lam's selfless devotion to CityU and our development of veterinary medicine is both commendable and touching. The lunch was meant to serve as a thank-you, but it turned out Dr Lam not only donated himself but also wanted to act as a go-between between CityU and another potential donor.

As such, I am now afraid of seeing Dr Lam or inviting him to lunch or campus visits! How can I ever repay such kindness?

His generosity knows no bounds.


12 September, 2017


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