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Distinguished scientist discusses equilibrium and forces    (27 Mar 2017 )
Professor Jean Salençon, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at CityU, delivered a lecture titled “Equilibrium and Forces: from Aristotle to Lagrange” on 22 March.

The magic of microfluidics    (23 Mar 2017 )
Professor David Weitz, Director of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at Harvard University, delivered the latest installment in the CityU Distinguished Lecture Series on 21 March.

Barrier-free exploration journey exemplifies spirit of social integration    (23 Mar 2017 )
Volunteers from CityU and students from Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School shared their experience of a barrier-free exploration journey.

Alumni celebrate biennial Homecoming Gala    (23 Mar 2017 )
Alumni, students, staff and their families spent a fruitful day on campus at the “CityU Homecoming Gala cum Campus Run 2017” on 19 March.

Eminent Taiwan entrepreneur shares the way to success    (22 Mar 2017 )
Dr Stan Shih, the co-founder of Acer Group, discussed the concept of reverse thinking and shared his way of success with teachers, students and alumni at CityU on 17 and 18 February.

Utilise imperfections of SiC    (21 Mar 2017 )
A renowned science scholar Professor Evelyn L. Hu delivered the latest installment of the CityU Distinguished Lecture Series on 16 March.

40-year mystery solved by scientist group led by CityU    (20 Mar 2017 )
Scientists working on a project led by CityU have found a way to develop novel materials by manipulating the nanoscale structure of metallic glass.

CityU Employers’ Luncheon boosts ties with industries    (16 Mar 2017 )
The CityU Employers’ Luncheon boosts the University’s ties with the industrial and corporate world to enhance the employability of students.

Well-being and critical thinking    (14 Mar 2017 )
Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, encouraged students to develop critical thinking skills for the well-being of society in his address at the Speech Day of Munsang College (Hong Kong Island) on 8 March.

CityU-led cloud security project attracts $6m in funding    (13 Mar 2017 )
A CityU-led research project on cloud security has been awarded HKD5.98 million in the Collaborative Research Fund in the 2016–17 exercise.

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