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CityU Scholars: A hub of research excellence    (30 Jun 2017 )
CityU Scholars was launched on 30 June to promote the achievements of faculty members, facilitate reporting information to the government, enhance the efficiency of internal reporting, and eliminate duplication.

Ground-breaking typhoon prediction system wins local, European funding    (05 Jun 2017 )
Professor Johnny Chan Chung-leung from the School of Energy and Environment has received funding to develop a pioneering system for predicting with greater accuracy the landfall of seasonal typhoons.

CityU Shenzhen Research Institute receives funding of RMB66.2 million, a surge of 66%    (31 May 2017 )
CityU Shenzhen Research Institute set a new record of receiving a total amount of grant of nearly RMB66.2 million in 2016, an increase of RMB26.3 million over 2015, representing a jump of 66%.

CityU research helps Hong Kong Police fight phone fraud    (11 Apr 2017 )
A mobile app that can effectively protect users from falling victim to phone scams has been developed by a cross-disciplinary research team at CityU.

Research exhibition at CityU highlights one health, digital society and smart city    (10 Apr 2017 )
An exhibition on the theme “Frontier Research and Innovation@CityU”, showcasing CityU’s research achievements, product development and advanced technology is being held at CityU from 11 to 13 April.

CityU develops the world’s strongest magnesium alloy    (06 Apr 2017 )
A CityU research team has successfully developed the first-ever supra-nano magnesium alloy with ultra-high strength and deformation capacity, offering potential for biodegradable implants in the human body.

40-year mystery solved by scientist group led by CityU    (20 Mar 2017 )
Scientists working on a project led by CityU have found a way to develop novel materials by manipulating the nanoscale structure of metallic glass.

CityU-led cloud security project attracts $6m in funding    (13 Mar 2017 )
A CityU-led research project on cloud security has been awarded HKD5.98 million in the Collaborative Research Fund in the 2016–17 exercise.

AI scientist wins national Achievement Award    (06 Feb 2017 )
Professor Wang Jun in the Department of Computer Science has received the 2016 Achievement Award at an national science and technology award ceremony.

Novel device to charge mobile electronics from daily activities    (23 Jan 2017 )
The energy you spend in daily activities, such as exercising, walking or even sitting and typing in front of the computer, will no longer be wasted, but converted to electrical energy for powering-up your smart electronics through a wearable energy-harvesting device developed by CityU. 

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